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General Site Usage
This webserver maintains usage logs that may contain personally indentifying information such as IP address. This is information is used in aggragate reports (E.g. To report the number of visitors in a given day.)

Account Application Form
If you complete our account application form we collect the personal information neccessary to perform a credit checks to confirm your eligibility. This information is shared with a leading credit reporting agency in order to receive your credit history. If your application is successful will we keep your information on file for the life of your account.

3rd Parties makes use of a web site usage statistics service provided by Information similiar to that described above in General Site Usage would be collected and stored by


All data collected by is kept for an indefinite length of time.

Inquiries and Disputes

Please address any inquiries or disputes to our Privacy Officer.

P3P Compliance

This site complies with the Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 (P3P1.0) Specification. Readable version of P3P polices

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