The Courageous Entrepreneur

Each day that you are running your business, do you find your funds being slowly siphoned from your business? Do you just want to know where it went wrong or how to get back on track? Is this you?

If your desire is to build a successful business, then this book is for you! As a business owner, can you relate to any of these issues?·Lower than anticipated profits or sales·Allowing customers too much credit·Unplanned expenses·Late payment fees and penalties·Excessive bank charges due to shortage of funds·Not setting aside funds for annual expenses. This book acts as a guide to anticipate and navigate these threats.

This guide is a collection of stories from Rinette Lagace, a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, sharing the most common financial blunders made by business owners over the past 25 years and provides tactics to avoid these common money-sucking errors. The author believes that an entrepreneur is a brave soul with a desire to make a difference, armed with the knowledge and the discernment to monetize their unique methods of providing a key product or service. She helps entrepreneurs get on track financially so they can concentrate on doing what they do best.

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Reviewed in Canada on April 17, 2020

"This high energy book of tips was clearly written by an author with a passion for alleviating potential pitfalls in bookkeeping. Sound principles underlie easily applied strategies to save money, time and build resiliency. No better time for a business owner to dig into this book than during the C-19 lockdown, preparing for a sustainable return to business with a refreshed outlook."

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